Real-time Twitter Analytical Feeds

for Quantitative Traders, Portfolio Managers, and Brokers

Streaming, actionable data sets that can be incorporated into existing algorithms to dramatically improve trading performance.

Proprietary Twitter Trading
Signals and Alerts

Proprietary traders can design unique trading strategies based on alert conditions we monitor across the Twittersphere. Identify short or long sales, anticipate volatility and scan for market moving events.

Streaming Indicators for
Execution Control

Trade with an eye on the current crowd gathering, not just the last price printed on the tape. Twitter activity can signal impending changes to the stock’s trading patterns.

Top Tweets : Digestible, Impactful
and Served on Top

Stream only the most relevant tweets in real-time. Is a rumor moving the stock? Reference a digestible summary of the chatter. Text feeds extract the meaning without the feed following mess.

Historical Archives

Two years of historical archives are available for backtesting.

Proprietary Trading Signals
Using big data science, self-learning scanning algos and twitter insights we produce proprietary trading signals that outperform the market.

• Be alerted to anomalous conditions • Discover the market’s back channels • Improve your trading outcome

Distribute Twitter Analytics Across your Trading Enterprise
Integrate Twitter Trading Signals into your algorithms and significantly improve your trading performance

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