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Real-time Social Media Intelligence tailored for quantitative institutional traders.

We curate and aggregate crowd sourced insights, news and rumors, trading patterns, and technical analysis into numerical and linguistic summaries that are actionable for a trader and an investor.



Headquartered in Connecticut U.S.A, we are a quantitative information company. We build prediction models using big data techniques, language processing, and self-learning algorithms across unstructured and structured social media and financial data sources. We continuously improve our analysis and scanning algorithms to adapt to market dynamics.


Our self-learning algorithms and detection techniques are based on proprietary machine learning and statistical inference techniques developed and tested for financial markets over the last seven years. Our systems analyzes and aggregates big data and twitter messages in real time to produce predictive numerical indicators and trading signals which can be incorporated into trading algorithms, execution systems and portfolio management systems.

Management Team

Dr. Wei Wei, Head of Quantitative Research and Founder

Discovers signals in very large datasets

Over the last seven years Wei has pioneered the use machine learning, big data science and statistical inference techniques to generate predictive signals for the financial market. In 2013 with a team at University of Connecticut, Wei published the first research paper on the use of Twitter to enhance stock trading performance. Wei has held a variety of research and teaching positions. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He also holds degrees from Texas A&M University and Peking University.


Marie Giangrande, Managing Partner

Pioneers new markets


Marie brings a track record of opening new buyer segments, building new revenue streams, and crafting successful product adoption strategies in the capital markets sector. She has brought multiple new technologies to market that have since become industry standards. Marie has held executive positions at Instinet, Thomson Reuters, Edgar OnLine, and Hewlett- Packard. As a consultant, she has launched 5 start-up companies. Marie holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Columbia University and a B. S. from Boston University.

Laura Trumbull, Head of Operations
Builds successful products, achieves operational excellence


Laura is a seasoned technologist and operations expert in the Capital Markets sector. She has delivered and managed a number of products including real-time feeds, big data analytics, and back office and on-line systems. Laura has held CTO positions for small companies as well as Senior Vice President positions managing hundreds of people for Thomson Reuters. Laura holds a Bachelor\'s degree in Applied Engineering from Harvard University.


Harry Wang
Develops enterprise software platforms

Harry has been building enterprise-level software platforms using technologies in natural language processing, machine learning, high performance databases and big data technologies for the last 20 years. Most recently he was a core developer and member of the architect committee for a real-time enterprise software platform servicing millions of users. Harry has held positions as a database architect and the director of development across multiple industries including life sciences, telco, biotech and social media. Harry holds a Ph.D in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

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