Real-time Twitter Analytical Feeds

for Quantitative Traders, Portfolio Managers, and Brokers


Quantitative Proprietary Trading

Factor in the hive mind

Are you seeking to beat the market and identify opportunities before they are traded away? Don’t join the hive, use it to open new trading opportunities.

Detect predictive patterns and capture a trading edge

Institutional Buy Side

Avoid adverse selection

Are you moving a big position and want to tightly control
your execution strategy? Automatically scan the twittersphere
to incorporate events not carried over mainstream channels and
take advantage of changes in trading patterns.

Don’t be caught on the wrong side of information asymmetry


Don’t wait until the daily recap

Monitor the trading chatter – at a conversational level -
to find unique insights for your clients.
A consolidated and filtered feed serves only the most impactful
and meaningful tweets.

What’s going on in the back channels?

Market Surveillance

Automatic scans of the Twittersphere

Real-time analysis of tweet activity will catch market-moving
events not reported through traditional news feeds.
Integrated with your surveillance tools, the identification
and investigation can become fully automatic.

Resolve investigations quickly

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